What if your deepest darkest secret defined your reality on a daily basis ? What if that reality consistently overshadowed everything you believed about the gospel. Well, I want to invite you , all of you both friends and family to my reality. My name is Samantha Renee Bartee, and I am a Christian Struggling with Same Sex Attraction. To some of you, this may come as a shock and to others not so much. This website is not meant to be centered around me.It exist for the ministry of others who find themselves in the struggle between light and darkness; however I want to take ample time to describe my own struggle and what it means to me.

Yes, saying I'm same sex attracted means that I'm attracted to women, but I believe my attraction to be Redeemed in Christ and that my identity is first in Christ. I don't define myself as a lesbian. Calling myself a lesbian will imply that I act upon sinful desires in the form of sex and other forms of relationship. I believe that God would be in disagreement with the active practice of a lesbian lifestyle according to His Word . Frequently, I fail to respect my struggle , finding the balance between my identity in Christ and my desires toward women . In my struggle, I experienced the torture of secrecy, the pain of pretending , and the suffering of self-betrayal. I believe God does call us out of homosexuality ,but he never called us into a fraudulent persona. I believe any struggle should be respected and brought before God truthfully . Here on this website , the struggle will be respected . Everyone is in a struggle with something: Same sex attraction, pornography, adultery, lust , shame, depression, suicide , anxiety . Here my hope is to call out our struggles and to lift them up to a God who's not ashamed and cares for exactly the person you are .

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