THE STRUGGLE:The Problem With Racism

Last night, I heard the voices of the broken-hearted, and their sorrows for justice. I felt the fear of the oppressed and I saw their nightmares of the past. I heard the cry of my ancestors as they lament for their dead sons and daughters. I felt the pain of the damned and their suffocation. My heart goes out to the relatives of George Floyd, and they have my condolences. The problem with racism is it lives on while others die. The problem with racism is that it’s an idea that thrives and lives in hearts and minds and not a physical enemy that we can see. David was able to measure up his Goliath. The Goliath of Racism is something we’ll never comprehend. Throughout time, we try giving racism a persona; slave owners, the KKK, the police, but the truth is racism doesn’t have a face.

There’s a comfort in seeing an enemy. There’s a sense of justice in knowing your enemy and Racism offers none of these things. Racism doesn’t offer to be seen as it sneaks up on us. Racism doesn’t offer to be known as it subtly appears in even some of our closest of friends. Racism is the enemy we don’t understand, and it’s the enemy that’s destroying us. In this highly unfair war, we are losing. Our communities are divided, and our brethren have fallen. Our human nature is to harbor a desire to fight back, but this is the time to ask who are we fighting against? If racism doesn’t have a face, then whose face are we throwing bricks toward? Scared cops who are pulling twenty-four hour shifts to do damage control? Frightened store owners who are watching merchandise burn, just to subtract from their pay and hours? Petrified citizens who are cowering in their homes as cars burn bright outside their homes? Yes, justice is worth fighting for. Silence needs to be broken, but shall we, white and black, brothers and sisters, create victims along the way, causalities of war? Is it not best to combat ignorance with the kindness of education? How are our actions educating? What sense does it make to fight an invisible enemy with physical forces? The heart and the mind are the home of racism, and our sinful brokenness was it’s birth. One is not born racist. One is born sinful, and that sin nature invites evil. We all had the capability of being on the side of racism, some of us just chose love out of the grace of Jesus Christ.

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