The Old Man and The Room part 2

No one ever came to see the old man. Six months . no family . no friends . Often I wondered what happened. Had he ignored them too? I saw pictures of his sons, his deceased wife , and even a few gray haired sisters ,but none of them ever came. Thanksgiving arrived, along with Christmas and no one came. Then on one cold January day ,it was his birthday ,and I received a call from my supervisor that his nephew was coming to visit . I smiled. I started cleaning the second I arrived; dusting ,mopping,vacuuming, and washing . Anything to ensure the place was spotless for our visitor. Deep down , I'm a perfectionist. It's my biggest flaw. For the first time in months, I couldn't take my thoughts off the basement, the only unclean room in the entire house. Images of a disaster danced in my mind. I tried again and again to shake it. The chances of our visitor going to the basement was slim to none , but there was still a chance . I couldn't afford to take that chance . My heart pounded as I turned the knob, the old man would never know , right? So I let the knob slide in my hand and the door released a loud creak. It was dark. I couldn't even make out the stairs. I flipped out my smartphone and turned on the flashlight and began my descent. I was right about the basement . It smelled to the high heaven , a sour stench that held on to your nose. The deeper I descended, the stronger it became. The smell was enough to solidify my decision to clean it . Now all I needed was a light .All I need is a….. My feet touched the basement floor ,but it didn't take long for me to realize that I was surrounded . It was their presence,and the unbearable smell that I knew what I would see before I lifted the flashlight . Quivering now, I lifted the light to see the corpes’ horrified faces . their blue blood drenched scrubs . all five of them . I swallowed a scream, and sprinted into a run up the stairs.The door was still open. I was alone. He still didn't know. There was still time to escape . I swallowed another scream and breathed deeply. Reaching the basement door within moments. what now ? I asked myself , do I call 911 ?No no time. I needed to leave. Swallowing another scream , I exited the kitchen and raced into the living room . The old man to my relief was still bed. I walked without looking at him toward the front door with my car keys in hand . Then it happened , a knock at the door . I swallowed . Was I rescued ? I reached for the handle but before I could turn the knob , I saw him, the old man, looking at me .Just looking with the saddest eyes I'd ever seen. That's when i knew our visitor was here to see me. 

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